Seller Testimonials

Papakea Resort Condo

I engaged Kristen Kingwell of Coldwell Banker to list our condominium for sale. She was very familiar with the resort and very knowledgeable of the potential value of our condo. She guided us through a seemingly effortless procedure, staged our condo for showing, and produced a very professional video of the property for advertisement. Within the first three days of the listing of the property, we received three excellent offers of purchase. We negotiated for the full asking price, Kristen guided us through the escrow process, and we received immediate, directly deposited payment upon transfer. Best of all we received a sum significantly higher than we expected. Kristen Kingwell provided us with excellent service and we highly recommend her.

Tony Zarate
Seller Papakea Resort F-306 2020

After 32 years of independently running a successful short-term vacation rental condo on Maui, we know that the key to success is to find people whom we can trust and who have a great work ethic. Kristen fulfills both criteria. Kristen and her team did a phenomenal job orchestrating the sale of our Papakea oceanfront condo. She is an expert at selling properties at Papakea. Not only does she understand every aspect of the selling process there, she is a marketing whiz: her photographer is top-notch, her minimal staging is absolutely perfect, and she expertly exposes any property that she is representing to multiple advertising mediums. Kristen set our asking price well and helped us with our negotiations in order to reach a great final price. She was always accessible via phone, e-mail, or text; we never felt left hanging. We closed escrow in less than a month from start to finish. While that is not usual, Kristen and the amazing escrow officer with whom she works made it happen very quickly and very smoothly. If you are looking to sell, especially at Papakea, Kristen is a great choice in realtors.

Jill Mitra
Seller Papakea Resort F-309 2019

We worked with Kristen Kingwell for the past year and she simply is the best. Her knowledge and marketing ability is incredible and her willingness to go the extra mile is unmatched. Kristen walked us through the rather heavy load of paperwork entailed in the transaction and very skillfully guided us through negotiations with the buyers. Kristen and her husband helped us with moving our personal things into our new storage unit while we were in Canada at no extra charge for their time. Kristen incorporates her exceptional abilities in knowing the market with her ability to read her clients and understand what is important to them. We had decorated our condo with some very unique and beautiful touches that added to the cost of the renovation done when we bought it. Of course, these had great value and we were willing to wait for a buyer who would appreciate these and pay our asking price or close to it. Kristen is all about getting the job done and still listen to you and all of your concerns. List with Kristen - she gets things done! Mahalo nui and Aloha!

Stan and Frankie Galbraith
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Seller Papakea Resort C-205 2019

My family has owned a condo at Papakea since 2006. It was very dear to us as our children grew up visiting Papakea regularly and my parents lived in the condo for many years. We celebrated many Christmas and New Year’s holidays together at Papakea. It added immeasurably to our lives. When it came time to sell, we turned to Kristen Kingwell by reputation. Her knowledge of the property, the management company and knowing the history of the Papakea development were important to us as well as her ability to market via multiple channels. We knew we were working with a real pro. The sale process was very smooth, even with our traveling to Europe during the escrow process. We would not hesitate to use Kristen again for our other properties and we recommend her highly.

Richard and Shirley Reeves
Hillsborough, CA
Seller Papakea Resort E-209 2019

It was a difficult decision to sell our home after close to 20 years. That decision made, we especially wanted to be careful to hire the right agent; someone specializing on the West side and Papakea, in particular. And, most importantly, someone we could trust. Kristen was the solution. She was professional and an absolute delight to work with from start to finish. Everything went according to plan; just the way she said it would. Couldn't be happier. Thank you Kristen!

Steve Duffel
Seller Papakea Resort K-402 2019

We are so happy that Kristen was our Realtor. When we asked our friends who would be a good Realtor for us, they all recommended Kristen. We could not have been more satisfied. Besides being fun to work with, she did such a thorough job in advertising our property and keeping us posted and involved with what was going on.

She also noticed where little things needed to be improved and actually did a little staging plus even a little touch up painting so we could get top dollar. We are so glad to have found out about Kristen. Also, personally, I wish we had known her sooner before we sold our place as we would like to be her friend as she is so nice and fun.

Nancy Lockhart
Seller Papakea Resort K-402 2019

During Mike’s career as a real estate attorney, he has dealt with hundreds of commercial and residential brokers. Mike can say without fear of equivocation that Kristen Kingwell is one of the most professional and hard working broker he has dealt with. We decided to sell our Papakea Condominium B-405 in December 2017. We met with Kristen, discussed the listing price among other subjects, and signed the listing agreement mid-December. She immediately began an extensive marketing campaign, including an unbelievable virtual tour of the condominium. Kristen was unable to actually start showing the condominium until January 5, 2018, and had numerous showings after that date. We signed the purchase agreement selling our condominium on January 18, 2018 (only two weeks from the date she could actually show the condominium) for the highest purchase price yet obtained at the Papakea for a non-ocean front building. Given the foregoing, we enthusiastically recommend utilizing Kristen’s services for your real estate needs.

Mike and Eula Dean
Alameda, CA
Sellers Papakea Resort B-405 2018

I recently sold my Papakea unit No. G-302 and Kristen Kingwell was my listing real estate agent. I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome of the sale, and I believe that Kristen is the reason for this wonderful feeling. Her capable and professional handling of the listing, marketing and closing of the sale resulted in an easy sale for me as an owner living on the mainland in California.

During the marketing and sale process, Kristen kept me informed on all aspects of the sale through regular e-mail updates on showings and potential offers. Her marketing skills were very evident as she worked with my rental agent to coordinate open houses in between guest rentals. During the time my unit was for sale, rental occupancy approached 90% so it was a significant challenge for Kristen to schedule her time around the rental agent’s schedule. It was during one of these showings that the offer that led to the sale was made.

After the purchase contract was signed by both buyer and seller, Kristen provided me with a detailed schedule and updated the schedule as each item was accomplished so I was kept up to date during the closure process. One of the items on the list was a seller inspection of the unit. This inspection identified a few items in the condo that needed to be addressed. In my absence, Kristen quickly had these items taken care of and the final inspection came off without a hitch.

At the close of escrow, after I had signed the final sale papers, an escrow issue came up that would have resulted is a cost to me of several thousand dollars. I called Kristen and explained the issue. She met the problem head on and processed a change to the purchase agreement which was signed by both the buyer and seller and resolved the issue.

I am still an owner at Papakea Resort but if/when I decide to sell again, I plan to have Kristen as my real estate agent. And, based on my experience as noted above, I would recommend Kristen Kingwell to anyone who is planning to sell or buy real estate in Maui.

Roger Risdall
Seller Papakea Resort G-302 2018

Kristen is amazing. During one of her open houses, I ran into Kristen. Like any other good Real Estate agent she asked me if I was thinking of selling my unit E 205. I told her not really but maybe. After all it is an investment property especially since I have one more unit - E 310. Sensing some flexibility on my part, she told me that she could sell it very fast. Oh sure, I thought. Next morning she showed up in my unit with her pitch for listing the property with her. I told her that I was not ready to list but she could call me if she found a buyer, expecting not to hear from her, at least not for a while. I could not have been more wrong. Two days later, she had the unit sold and two weeks later, it closed - a casual interaction about a potential sale resulting into closing - all within two weeks. Yes, two weeks. That is warp speed in real estate sale. Since it all happened so fast, I did not have time to move my stuff. She told me not to worry about anything. She would store my stuff in her house until I was ready to move them to the other unit. Although I did not take her offer, I would say this about Kristen - she is not only very considerate, she is a very competent real estate professional who comes up with a solution to address all your concerns, no matter how small or big before, during or after the sale. As we all know, the hard part starts after buyers and sellers agree on terms and price. There are lots of details that need to be addressed at a very hectic pace with various parties in multiple time zones. This is where Kristen shines. She kept in constant contact with me in real time updating me with every detail no matter how small or big. Bottom line about Kristen: I had a sense after my first interaction with her that she was good but I had no idea that she was that good. Here is my recommendation - hide your property from her unless you really would consider selling.

Ray Prasad
Owner E-310 and, now former Owner of E-205 2017

We recently sold our unit D207 at Papakea. Choosing Kristen was our first choice as a realtor as she came highly recommended. Her knowledge of Papakea and the surrounding area, complimented well with being very professional to work with and friendly mannerism. We were so impressed with her marketing style in promoting the condo and the time she committed to showing it. Kristen even when the extra mile tohelp with a few things around the condo in our absence and far beyond our expectations to see we understood the escrow closing process. We would highly recommend Kristen Kingwell to anyone planning to sell or purchase real estate in Maui. Her hard work, professional attitude and dedication to her clients – shines..Thank you Kristen from the bottom of our hearts for everything. Warmly,

Tanya Levesque
BC, Canada
Seller Papakea Resort D-207

We have numerous friends within the Papakea community who have used Kristen to represent their Real Estate interests. Kristen was able to close on their properties at prices significantly higher than expected. We chose to have her represent us in listing our property. Kristen began to immediately and aggressively market our condo. She received an offer quickly and closed it in 22 days. She once again set a record and produced the highest price ever at Papakea for a non-oceanfront unit of our size and in less than expected time. Kristen kept us well informed each step of the way. Personally, she is easy to talk to and more than professional to work with. We would highly recommend her.

Kim and Mary Schweder
Chico, CA
Sellers Papakea Resort E-306 2018

Recently my wife and I were interested in purchasing a condo on the island of Kauai and selling our Maui condo at Papakea Beach Resort to execute a 1031 exchange. Our real estate agent on Kauai recommended Kristen Kingwell on Maui to help us sell the Maui condo, and we are so happy that she did! We have sold our Papakea Beach Resort condo and are in the process of closing on the Kauai condo. We are very happy with Kristen’s hard work and professional attitude. From the time we contacted Kristen she worked diligently to prepare the listing, host a realtor open house, and she was able to secure a good offer within a matter of weeks. She even continued to show the unit, should a backup offer be needed. Once we accepted the offer, she worked tirelessly on the activities needed to close on the sale, including preparation of a spreadsheet for all milestones required by the sales agreement. The sale closed approximately 3 weeks after we accepted the offer. Kristen even helped us out by volunteering to clean out our owners’ cabinets and ship our items to Kauai. She even texted photos of the locker items in real time to make sure they were not left behind. Kristen went far beyond our expectations and we wholeheartedly recommend her for any future Real Estate transactions.

Bill and Lynne McConaghy
San Jose, CA
Sellers Papakea Resort C-206

We are so pleased we chose Kristen as our agent to sell our beloved condo in Papakea which had been in our family for 15 years. I flew out alone with only 5 days to get it ready and we worked as a team every step of the way. We carefully reviewed the comps and discussed how the condo should be staged. Kristen's judgement and suggestions helped us get a price that was much higher than what we were expecting. She is patient and professional with a good dose of humor which is needed during a real estate transaction. I also like how connected Kristen and her husband, Jim, are with Papakea. She understands and appreciates what this special place has to offer and goes the extra mile to bring Aloha to the work she does. One example is that Kirsten sat on our Lanai in the evening looking at the lovely view for over an hour with the people who eventually bought it. She gave them a chance to savor it and fall in love the way we did. We are thrilled not only with the price, but also knowing that the buyers will treasure the condo the way we did. Mahalo Kristen.

Virginia Sargent
Tiburon, CA
Seller Papakea Resort K-407 2017

I made the absolute right choice in selecting Kristen Kingwell to sell my condo on Maui. Her personal attention, professionalism, marketing strategies and communication of what buyers expect in my price range were keys in getting my condo sold quickly. She was always available for questions, updated me almost daily and made me feel like I was her only client. She is gifted, talented and knows her market. Her sales results speak for themselves. You won't be disappointed! Big Mahalo KRISTEN!

Yvonne von Amelunxen
Seller Papakea Resort K-304 2017

We listed our condo with Kristen not knowing what to expect other than it would take a while to sell. We choose her because of her knowledge of Papakea and her willingness to spend time on property. We listed it high and were willing to wait for the right buyer. Kristen staged many open houses and advertised our unit over and over. Before we knew it she sold our unit and helped us all the way through the process. We have nothing but praise for Kristen and would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about putting their place on the market.

Grace and Fred Alvarez
Sellers Papakea Resort F-106 2017

Kristen Kingwell gets the job done! Her marketing program gave our condo maximum exposure. Her focused energy got us in escrow at close to our asking price within three months and it closed within 30 days. She even shipped our golf clubs.

Herb and Kathy Hauswald
Portland, OR
Sellers Papakea Resort L-302 2017

When we decided to sell our condo on Maui, we interviewed a number of real estate agents on the island looking for one that would do more than just put a listing up on MLS and wait for the phone to ring. Kristen Kingwell fit the bill perfectly. She promoted our unit so well across multiple marketing channels that it didn’t take long for her to bring a buyer to the table. We were very impressed with how fast she was able to sell the condo at the price we wanted. Kristen is now helping us sell our second condo on Maui and I’m looking forward to the same amazing results. Thanks Kristen!

Gayle Moss and Charles Kelly
Vancouver, BC
Sellers Papakea Resort D-406 2017

Kristen Kingwell did an outstanding job for the sale of our beautiful little condo! She sold the unit in three days with two offers on the table. The offer we chose was an all cash offer and it closed in 30 days. It was truly the smoothest sale we have ever been through on the sale of any real estate we have owned. There were absolutely no problems or hitches throughout the whole process. Kristen was professional, friendly, fun, and totally on top of things. I would highly recommend Kristen for any of your real estate needs! Aloha!

Janice and Ken Reynolds
Gilroy, CA
Sellers Papakea Resort G-207 2017

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